How RDI Fuel Systems ltd do it

No matter what vehicle you drive, A faulty fuel injector can seriously hinder its performance and efficiency. We specialise in fault finding, cleaning and rebuilding. We use all the latest equipment, which helps our trained mechanics to get the job done.

At RDI Fuel System Ltd. we take care of everything, dismantling, cleaning etc. Have a look at our process below.

How it’s done:

  • Every rotary, inline, high pressure pump or injector that comes in our workshop is ultrasonicly cleaned, flush and then tested.

  • All faulty injectors or pumps are then disassembled and throughly inspected.

  • Assembly takes place in are clean room where cleanliness is most important at the rebuild stage

  • Testing and calibrating of fuel output and pressures take place in are test room using the most up to date test benches which test all products to original manufacturers specification.